Sunday, May 17, 2009

Project 365 or Project 52?

I am completely enamored with my sister's project with her friends. They have committed to take at least one photo a day for a full year and blog it. What a concept!

As I considered joining the project, I realized mine would be more like a Project 52 - post a photo weekly. Then came another reality check and now I'm thinking, Project 12. But it really doesn't have the same ring to it . . .

Are you one of those people who can't help counting the stairs as you climb? Do you notice patterns in sets of numbers, be they phone numbers or ip addresses? I am. In fact, I used to assign meaningful numbers to my boyfriends so that my girlfriends and I could talk about them without having to refer to them as "You know, Michael with the Porsche not the Michael I met at the Laker game." You guessed it, 924 & 21 (ala the Laker's Michael Cooper).

Instead of a heavy commitment to post daily, I've decided to blog my numbers. Interesting to some, boring to others, but real to me.

So here's to my sister, pictured above with me and the answer to all things, "27"


  1. either way, I look forward to following along

  2. Ruby gave me your link. Your sister is wrong about the answer to everything. It's 42, not 27.

  3. Ah yes, 42-my crush, James Worthy. Actually the answer is 27 because Ruby's HAH (whom I call 2.5)told me it's 27, and there's just no point in arguing with him or pointing him to The Hitchhiker's Guide to Everything...

    BTW, I clicked over to your journal - did they really name a bank 5/3? I just HAVE to write about that one. Can I use your photo?